Another Hi FM update...

So, this morning I received an email from a friend of mine who does the school run every day.

Apparently our good friend Darren Shortt at Hi FM had a few words to say at the start of his show this morning on Omani Blogs. It's great that he reads them, and enjoys them enough to even speak out.

Darren started out his radio show with a shout out to Eternally Distracted and Muscat Confidential, two of the arguably best Oman based blogs. Then he said, "But when they talk about Hi FM.... well we'll get to that in a minute". This was at about 7.05 this morning, and at that point, unfortunately my friend had to take her kid into the school and so she missed it.

And, rather amusingly, I can not find a single person that was listening to the radio show this morning - so I don't even know what he said! I used to have my alarm set to Darren's radio show in the mornings, so I would have heard it myself, except I realised I preferred to listen to "beep beep beep" than listen to Darren's radio show when I first wake up in the mornings, and so didn't avail myself of the pleasure of listening to his dulcet tones this morning.

Did anyone hear what was said?! I'm tickled pink that Darren felt the need to talk about it on air! I wonder if he googled his name again......

A rather amusing start to the day.

le fin.

*** Update ***
Gatvol, another fellow blogger, and chronic Oman Forum member, posted this thread on the forum today, and Darren replied. My latest blog post here presumably upset him a bit, fair enough, I was a bit harsh I guess, so presumably thats why he didn't comment here either. Or was that the anonymous poster?

Anyway, his comment was this:

I was talking about Omani Blogs on the radio, and bigged up Eternal distracted and undercover dragon, and a couple of others, and I went on to say those who talk about hi fm well that’s a different matter, ill come to that later!!

About half hour later I then talked about the saying what a good read it was, and one that i personally follow, and admire the writing ( though reading it today i wished i hadnt!) and that they talked about us yesterday, whilst not all good the blog had suggest a rock show, which i think may be a good idea, so what kind of support would that get, are you interested etc... and concluded with well its not all good about us but all press is good press!!

Hope that helps....


So, the news here is:

1. Perhaps a rock/alternative show (or complete format change?! never!) is in the works at Hi FM?
2. Perhaps I should apologise to Darren for my remarks? I should probably point out that a beep beep beep in the morning is more likely to get me out of bed than a radio show/music - and thats the point of an alarm clock. Sorry Dazza!
3. Apparently some people do listen to the radio, because I had 33.33% new unique IP's (from the last week of data) visit the blog today, according to Google Analytics (love that software).
4. Did you (Hi FM) get any feedback?

le fin.
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  1. LOL, careful what you say you know that Darren is watching. Just keep an eye on your Google Analytics for detailed info! ;o)

  2. who the f is darren and who the f listens to the steaming pile of bovine excrement that is hifm?

  3. James - I know he's watching, thats partly why I blogged it in the first place! ;)
    boxster - Thats my point exactly.... I couldnt even find anyone that actually listens to it! hah!

  4. *hanging her head in shame*
    I am now embarrased to say I listen to Hi FM - unfortunately I missed this morning - so cant help you at all - sorry... :(

    Oh well if Hi-Fm really do spy on you - at least now they know they have at least 2 listeners... lol

    Would love to know what was said

  5. People are already in their cars at 7.05am? And torturing themselves by listening to HiFM no less???

  6. don't worry about Dareen, he is just paranoid (very) his holding company will not fire any of the 'quality presenters' and they don't have enough money to pay for anyone else, what they need is a music director to at least make the music more varied. appealing to an audience with RnB assumes they have sponsors and advertisers.. they don't.
    watch this space in a few months, there are some interesting developments in radio coming soon..

  7. PS i am only anon as i can't work out how to give myself a name... doh

  8. Muscati came out of hiding and commented... :P

    Anon - you can give yourself a name by selecting Name/URL from the comment as list at the bottom of the comment form. You make logical comments regarding the radio format... because lets face it they dont have any advertisers.... ho hum lets sit and watch! Or listen....

  9. thanks for that, anon makes me sound like a coward, i could publish a whole list of radio stuff both for Hi and Oman FM, tempting to spill the beans, but only in an effort to improve the quality and standards of our broadcasters. A trip to Dubai shows easily how far behind we are lagging in musical choice, presentation and interesting information. How many times to you have repeat the riddle of the day???

    this could be fun....

  10. Oh, magwi - if only you knew how often I've prayed that the hideous Rachie Roo would accidently say something totally off limits on air, just so that she'd get booted out of the country. Sometimes I think that if I hear her start one more of those godforsaken riddles, I'm going to run the car into a tree just to put me out of her misery...


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