Saturday again, and fresh gossip on The Wave

Well what another great Ramadan weekend. It's a shame the bars are closed, but the house parties can be fun too :)

Now, at one of these house parties I head the following latest twist on the Nick Smith - Ex-CEO of The Wave rumour. I'm positive it's a rumour, but its fun anyway so here we go:

There was a senior Omani employed by The Wave (no names, of course!) who was pushed out by the board. This ex-employee has a court case against The Wave for unfair dismissal. Now that Nick Smith has resigned, people have speculated that this ex-employee of The Wave had some "dirt" on Nick Smith and threatened to expose him unless he resigned. And so Mr Smith resigned.

Classic Muscat Muttering, that one, I think :)

No clue if it's true, but a pretty big bomb-shell if it was, cos it would mean that Mr Nick Smith was bent and doing who-knows-what on the side.

In other news, Apex Publishing - the people behind The Week, are launching a new Daily newspaper. In October apparently, it'll certainly be an interesting read, with what is rumoured to be 10 pages every day devoted to local news. Certainly sounds interesting, and if they deliver on this rumour, it'll blow every other local rag out of the water.

A final note: Angry in Oman, Dhofari Gucci, and myself were the test guinea pigs for OmanForum's latest venture - publishing local bloggers work to the forum. A good idea, but tainted. Angry In Oman certainly didnt like this one bit, with a somewhat fiery blog on the subject in her blog today. Nadia @ Dhofari Gucci hasnt made any comments on this yet, so perhaps she didnt know. The latest development to this (quite frankly pretty decent idea in it's rawest form) is that the forum head-honcho Neo has closed it down for further discussion. So any other fellow bloggers out there, watch out!
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  1. If it had been properly executed it probably could have worked. I would comment on the *further discussion* on the forum but my user name has been taken by admin so I can't sign up to the forum...

    The other thing about that is that while I don't mind people commenting, in fact I like comments, and usually respond back to people, with Omanforum taking my blog name and indeed, online identity, I wouldn't be able to write back to people to clear things up. Like the houseboy having keys to my flat and someone calling me or my dad an idiot...

    That's not really fair.

    Thanks for posting on this and posting that link.

  2. Ummm... I had no idea about this! Send me the link! And why is it closed? I tried signing up to Oman Forum but they blocked my user name for some reason? This is beyond weird.

  3. Nadia,

    What Neo (the Oman Forum administrator) had done was to use a plugin for the forum software that reads the RSS feed from our blogs, and then repost our entire blogs in a new thread on a special section of the forum. People were then reading these blogs and then commenting on them, right there in the forum, as opposed to on our own blogs. I took issue with the fact that people were commenting on my blogs, on a forum, and not my blog.... a problem easily fixed by the forum administration by simply making that special forum area READ ONLY, so if people want to comment they can click through to our blogs and then comment.

  4. Did you recommend the 'read-only' to the administrator?


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