Graffiti in Salalah

Just a brief blog for today. Recently I popped down to Salalah for a bit of R&R. Whilst walking around in a village down there I came across some derelict houses, and was amused to find some graffiti inside the old buildings. I even had my camera with me, so I snapped off a few pictures to share:

It appears that only black and red spray paint was available to these fans of hip hop. 2 Pac died.... how long ago? I don't know. Perhaps the graffiti is older than it looks. Either way, I thought it was quite funny to see down in Salalah, and am sharing it with you all now!

In the first picture, under "Deathrow" there is some Arabic... can anyone tell me what it says?

le fin
Graffiti in Salalah Graffiti in Salalah Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 Rating: 5


Angry In Oman said...

2 Pac forever!!!!!

Nadia said...

Hahah.... Graffiti is big in Salalah and so are 2PAC and Bob Marley if you didn't know that already. The Arabic says 'Dis Iz Da Niggaz Headquarters!' ... i.e Headquarters for Cool Black Dudes.

Sythe said...


Thanks for translating for us :)

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