Ramadhan Kareem

It's been called, and Oman is in sync(!) with the rest of the Muslim world for once!

Three other news items of note:

1. Oman school term is to start on September 26th.

2. The Rembrandt art work display, the first of its kind in the Middle East, opened at the Grand Hyat's Afrah Ballroom last Wednesday. It's on until the 19th of September. 100 pieces of art are on display. Well worth a look, I'd say. NOTE: It is only Etchings works, no paintings, that are on display. Still, well worth a look.

3. H1N1 - The MoH reports two deaths in Oman as a result of the virus to date. There has been one death in Salalah and one in Muscat. Both were patients with other chronic diseases. One was 39 years old and had a weak heart. The other was 60 years and a diabetic with high blood pressure and chronic liver infection. This does not correllate with what Dohfari Gucci blogged about last Monday August 17th, where she reported at least one woman had died in Salalah from the Virus.
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Dillon said...

I think you meant sync..........sounds better!

Sythe said...

haha! Yes you're quite right!

farkknight said...

I Don;t recommend the rembrant. After a commentor commented on me blog, I had to visit the place and see all those sketches. They're not even complete paintings. A quick google search shows the vast difference from what actually could have been.


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