More traffic deaths and statistics.

Rather alarmingly, 26 people died and 143 were injured in the week between 18th and 24th of July. Of these, 59 collisions were between vehicles, 34 involved collisions with fixed objects and 21 were run-overs. The accidents also saw 23 vehicles roll off the road. The highest number of deaths recorded was in the interior with ten deaths. The worst accident was near Jebel Akhdar. A vehicle collided with a fixed object and resulted in the deaths of eight people and injury to two people. The vehicle was badly damaged in the incident.

....... In one week.

Ramadan starts at the end of next week.... I'm more than a little worried. Take care out there, especially if you're driving in the interior. As usual, the mad dash for the Khareef seems to have resulted in more people getting into accidents going from, or to Salalah.

On a more entertaining note, Dhofari Gucci has blogged again. About cows, again. hahaha :P

Her blog is a great read and I suggest you take the time to stop by her blog if you have some time.

Additionally, I highly recommend this 15-picture gallery on The Daily Telegraph - Amusing pictures of animals that got stuck in stuff (they all got out ok). I especially found the cow picture amusing :)

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