The Ghubra Car windscreen smashing thing

So, a few months ago, a user on the Oman Forum started this thread. It was about a bunch of car's windscreens being smashed in and around Ghubra. It also happened in Ruwi as well, reportedly 27 cars there got smashed recently as well.

Enter the ROP, and some investigative police-work.

It has come to my attention that an Omani PRO / driver for a large engineering consultancy firm has been fingered for the crime of smashing up all the cars in Ghubra. Rather more disturbingly, is the evidence rumoured to be cited by the ROP. I have had 2 independent confirmations on this, but as always, I'm sure there is another side to the story.

The unfortunate PRO / driver has been fingered because his finger prints were on a letter inside one of the cars. It has apparently escaped the ROP's attention that the reason why this chaps finger print is on that letter in that car is probably because he gave the driver of that car the letter after having picked it up from the company PO box. And the owner of that particular smashed up car being an employee of the same firm. Apparently that does not matter to the prosecuting authorities, and now the case is going to court.

One does wonder whether the ROP have found this persons finger prints somewhere else, but this has not been verified, only that his prints were on a letter that he handed to the owner of that particular car that day. Very strange.

But at least they are dusting for prints!

Obviously it was a bunch of kids that were bored and decided to break some windscreens. One wonders whether these are the same bunch of kids suspected of taking part in gang rapes in Azaibah as the Undercover Dragon reported on the Muscat Confidential blog.

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  1. That is such a shame, hopefully it will all be sorted out in court. I'm really hoping that the HE presiding over the court case will look at the evidence and throw the case out before it even goes to trial.

    Really, that is so sad...

    Also sad are the rapes, there's is little else on earth I hate more then rapists.

  2. Detaining every one whose fingerprints are found in the premises ... for days
    Detaining who ever the dogs bark at ...

  3. I'm not very much aware of the vandalism but quite well informed of the rapes as I know one of the victims. These are both opportunist and organised, stalking where they notice the women are alone (eg; knowing when the husband goes to work, knowing when she goes out, even to dump the garbage). Giving the ROP that information is a waste of time. However, after the crime has been committed they have been very good.


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