Monday, July 27, 2009
For those that haven't received the spam text from TSC lately... their latest branch has opened on 18th November St.

Initial reports are that it kinda sucks. It's a single floor shop which caters to the basics: Meat, Dairy & Produce. There's not very much in the way of snacks, canned goods or baking stuff, that sets TSC Qurum apart from it's competitors. But still, competition is good :)

And with Waitrose set to open in Ghubra in Q1 next year (opposite zoo-lu), it looks like the super-market scene here in Muscat is starting to get more competitive, lets hope it means in better prices for us consumers!

EDIT - Thanks to Eternally Distracted, apparently there is a second floor! Which contains all the other stuff.... :)


Angry In Oman said...

I went there this morning to get some skim milk and was shocked to find that they didn't have any!

They had full fat and low fat but not skim.

Having said that, the prices are standard to The Sultan Center, which was fine.

There was no freezer, snack, dry goods, pet foods or toiletries sections though. It's a tiny shop but handy if you don't need anything but the absolute basics.

Eternally Distracted said...

There is a second floor! The second floor has the freezer section, tinned goods, pet food etc ...

Admittedly it is hard to see that there is a second floor but there most definitely is ... There is a lift and everything ;0))

Angry In Oman said...

I can't believe I missed a whole second floor of shopping :(

Blewyn said...

They have Ben & Jerrys !!!!!!!!! yaaaay !
But no pork. Boooo !

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