Friday, July 31, 2009
If you care to take a trip down to the Muttrah Corniche today, you will notice that it's looking emptier than usual because the Al Said and the Fulk Al Salamah are making tracks. The Fulk Al Salamah is the boat that follows the Al Said around. Presumably to support it with logistics. And stuff.

Above - The Al Said

Above - Fulk Al Salamah

So where are they going? I guess it could be the Dhofar region, for the Khareef festival, or perhaps they are on exercise. Or perhaps they are going for a summer cruise. If they stop in Dubai I'm sure we will hear about it. But then again, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the Sultanate of Oman did make this statement last month claiming that His Majesty Sultan Qaboos will be paying an official 3 day visit to Iran by the end of June (but he didnt go - perhaps something to do with all the riots taking place there?). Perhaps now that things have calmed down somewhat since last month His Majesty has decided to pay a visit to the Islamic Republic.

I wonder if we'll see anything in the local papers?


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