Seafood night tomorrow night

The Sheraton's Seafood night is on again tomorrow night, and every Wednesday evening. For those of you that enjoy the fruits of the sea, I highly recommend checking out the seafood night at The Sheraton. Now, the hotel is situated in Ruwi and often gets a bad rap for being there.

I've said myself a number of times that I dislike Ruwi, in fact I think I'm allergic, you see being in Ruwi often makes me break-out in swear words at the traffic there. However, The Sheraton gets a pass - and here is why: it is literally right off of the highway that runs right through the centre of Darsait, Ruwi and (shiver) Wadi Kabir. That new (well its not that new anymore) highway is a fantastic upgrade to the traffic disaster situation in Ruwi.

And, as much as I was genuinely surprised, it is actually quite possible to forget just where you are when you are at The Sheraton. No, I'm really not waxing lyrical about the hotel because I'm trying to promote a seafood night, I genuinely mean it: walk in those front doors and see the floor to ceiling book-matched marble from Italy, or the custom made chandeliers from Vienna. It really is a grand lobby, and its backed up by everything you would expect of a 5 star hotel.

I digress. Seafood. See food. Mmmmm. Its really fresh, and the spread is truly significant and it looks great in the all day dining Courtyard restaurant. Its obvious the chef has had some fun with the presentation. Pricing for this is RO 29 (net) including unlimited soft drinks (probably best for a Wednesday night) or for those of you on vacation, or thirsty enough, you can upgrade to RO 39 (net) for unlimited house beverages. Every month there is also the opportunity to win a voucher for another seafood dinner (for 2) and once a year the prize is a trip to England with Aston Martin to "experience their factory" and "do some burnouts and donuts in really expensive cars experience true craftsmanship".

It runs in Courtyard restaurant every Wednesday night from 7:00 pm until 11:00 pm and you can make a reservation by calling the hotel on +968 2237 7777 or checking out their website.

You can check out their facebook, twitter & instagram too.

le fin.

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