Sunday, October 01, 2017

A true sign that Winter is coming once again to Muscat is that the Safari rooftop grill house is opening again. I always like the rooftop because its pricing is simplistic - you pay a set price and then its all the soup and salad you want, in addition to your main course, and for those that pay the "upgrade", its also unlimited House Beverages from 7pm - 11pm (when they close) as well.

Love getting a Tiger in my tank...

Tonight, their opening night, but also because it is Sunday, is their themed, Carnivore night which is your choice on a selection of different types of meat, 3 side dishes, 2 sauces and a bottle of wine for RO 25.

And don't forget - if you are a Muscat Rugby Football Club member - you get 10% off.

le fin.


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