New Craft beers available

Starting from today, there are now 8 new "craft" beers available for purchase in the bottle shops run by OUA here in town. I know my photo only shows 7, but I had already drunk the 8th one last night before I thought to take a photo.

Those that know me, may know that I am a nerd when it comes to beer, I even have an app on my phone that I use to track, and rate, each new beer that I have. Yes, I'm a beer nerd. The app I use is called Untappd and its great... check it out if you are sad enough.

But as it happens, when I was in OUA the other night picking up some stuff as it was a new month (and more importantly I'd been paid) I saw these beers just inside their store room and asked about them. They're being launched today, but they let me get a few bottles so I could try them out. They are being sold as a pick your own 6-pack for RO 6.600.

The list of the new beers is:

Frontier - British lager
13 Guns - American IPA
Estrella Inedit - Spanish blend of lager and a wheat beer
Staropramen Premium - Czech lager
H41 - This is a lager from Heineken. They call it a Wild lager because they found some yeast growing in the wild on the 41' parallel. Its pretty good.
Coopers Sparkling Ale - Australian ale
Shipwreck IPA - British style IPA
Innis & Gunn IPA  - Another IPA

And I have to be honest, I really liked them all. My favourite was the 13 Guns, followed by the marketing-gone-mad H41 lager. My least favourite was the Estrella Inedit, but thats no surprise for me as I'm not too keen for Wheat beers (harks back to an unfortunate incident with too much Weiss when I was a teenager).

If you are on the mailing list, you may also have seen that the guys at the Dolphin club are getting in on the act are are launching the beers tonight with a CraftCrew Tuesday... pick any 3 you would like for RO 7, or 6 for RO 12.

Nice to see some new beers here, my Untappd app gets a bit of use here for once, where it mostly just gets used when I go on holiday!

le fin.
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