The Brunches of Muscat

Here we are in mid April - just ahead of Easter weekend, and I thought I'd list a summary of all of the brunches I've seen this season, so if you are shopping around for a brunch - perhaps its just because its Easter, perhaps its a leaving party, a birthday party, or perhaps you just really enjoy brunching... here's my list of whats available in the City.

1. Grand Hyatt. Mokha Cafe - This brunch is RO 35 including unlimited selected drinks. Great pork selection normally. Kids play room too.

A worthy mention for the brunching crowd whilst on the Hyatt are these three:

Margarita Madness which is RO 20 for pool access and unlimited Margarita's all day (from noon, 2pm on Fridays) until sunset.

Safari Rooftop - they didn't close it just yet - price depends on what you pick (different cuts of meat) but it's generally RO 25/30/35 and its dinner from 7pm until 11pm every night of the week with unlimited selected drinks.

Marjan  - RO 25 for a 4 course dinner (they'll keep bringing you food if you ask) including unlimited wine, or RO 28 including spirits.

2. InterContinental. Musandam Cafe - This brunch is RO 28++ for unlimited selected beverages. Great kids activities.

3. The Chedi - This brunch is RO 36++ for unlimited Prosecco, or RO 56++ for unlimited Philipponnat bubbly

4. The Al Bustan Palace - RO 39++ for unlimited selected beverages, RO 49++ with Veuve Cliquot bubbly. I love this brunch, right out on the beach - very chilled out. The fresh grilled prawns are amazing too - and there is an excellent kids play area too.

5. Radisson Blue - RO 28 for unlimited beer wine and bubbly... this is a very popular "budget brunch".

6. The Bank - RO 27.5 - this brunch is a bit different from many - its main focus is on cocktails - but there are a few beer and wine options too - I prefer this one to the Radisson because of the cocktails!

7. Hormuz Grand Hotel - RO 24 for your standard boozy brunch - but if you go before the end of April, they are running a buy 3 get 1 free offer... which means 4 people can go for a boozy brunch for a total cost of RO 72 - the cheapest brunch deal I'm aware of in the city.

8. The Sheraton - RO 33 with unlimited drinks, or RO 43 with Champagne. The food at this brunch is exceptionally good - South American style food

9. The Shangri-la - RO 35++ with unlimited drinks, or RO 42++ with Champagne - at the AlTanoor restaurant. Also worth mentioning is the last seafood brunch of the season is this Saturday (15th April) which is RO 43++ with Moet bubbly.

10. The Crowne Plaza - They have a brunch but, no details of it on their fb page or their website, and so I don't actually know the price. Probably somewhere between RO 25 and 30? Dukes do an offer of unlimited meat (including pork) and 3 drinks for under RO 20.

11. Al Loomie - at the Al Bustan - RO 22 NET  - on a Saturday - and it starts at 11am - 3pm (booze from 12).

There are other brunches available, for example the Holiday Inn has a Fizzy Friday which is RO 17++ but then booze is charged per drink - there's no unlimited option available. The Muscat Holiday is similar at RO 15 for the brunch food, then drinks are available per drink.

Did I miss any? Let me know!

le fin.
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