Beirut Nights every Thursday at the Grand Hyatt

Every Thursday night between 7pm and 10:30pm for a fixed price of RO 15 (or RO 18 if you choose a different menu) per person, there is an authentic Lebanese dinner on offer which is prepared by the Hyatt's Chef Mohammed Najdi, who as I'm sure you've probably deduced, is Lebanese.

There's Shisha, Arak & beer (Al Maza) also on offer, at extra cost, but with the atmosphere it makes for a nice laid back way to start the weekend.

You can get more info by emailing them at or by calling them on +968 2464 1234.

Now you know!

le fin.
Beirut Nights every Thursday at the Grand Hyatt Beirut Nights every Thursday at the Grand Hyatt Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, April 20, 2017 Rating: 5

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