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Have you booked a holiday for the Easter break? Thinking about booking one? Angie at The Expat Travel Shop has signed Zahara Travel and is able to use their pricing for airfares as well as holiday packages all over the world. Lots of us (me included) like to sort out our trips ourselves using websites like Travelocity or Expedia, however over the last few years I've started booking my flights directly with the airlines travel centres - I've saved money by booking with Etihad and KLM by going to their sales centres in town and talking with their agents to get the best deal - it's usually around 5% savings doing this - which tots up when you habitually spend RO 2,000 a year on flights.

My point is that Angie can help you find a better deal if you are in the market for a holiday - don't forget that Eid is coming up soon, and its expected we're going to get an entire week off for that too. Questions are free! Give Angie a ring on 9121 1352 or drop her an email here, or you can visit her website

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