Family Fun Day at Barr Al Jissah

Obviously this weekend everyone will be re-discovering their inner-Leprechaun with it being St Patricks day, but next weekend, on Friday 24th of March, there is a pretty good family event happening down at the Shang (Barr Al Jissah).

Starting at 11am and running until 7pm there are kids games and activities being held in the newly renamed Al Mazaar Amphitheatre. For those of you not aware, there is a great indoor kids play area, along with some new Box zones (there are 4 new ones, SpringBox, SoccerBox, ArtBox and GameBox). The SpringBox, SoccerBox and ArtBox areas will all be open for this day and it will keep your kids busy for hours.

Then, after 7pm there music is turned up and you can get dinner (and some adult soda's if thats your thing) until Midnight, or when your kids pass out.

And the cost? RO 2 per adult, and kids are free! A pretty good way to while away a Friday with the kids!

You can find out more by checking out Al Mazaar on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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