Need something fixed in your house? Call BTC

In an ideal world for many of us who rent our houses here, our landlords would maintain everything and be on the spot for all those little maintenance issues that pop up as part of everyday life living in a house. But as I'm sure many of you have experienced - maintenance can sometimes be slow (my wife and I recently had to pester our landlords maintenance guy for 6 months to fix a leaking toilet).

Someone I know (and I'm not doing this for anything at all from him) has set up a company called BTC. The idea is simple: Maintenance made easy.

Got a broken socket? Leaky taps? Want the place painted? Your garden or yard spruced up? It's all the same number: +968 9018 8838

Give them a ring and they'll give you a quote - and most importantly - be there to fix / do whatever maintenance issue it is you need quickly.

So, next time you need some urgent maintenance, or fancy a little bit of renovation or garden makeover - give BTC a ring.

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