Oman's 2017 Public Holidays schedule

Now, as we all know, Public Holidays in Oman are never something that one can completely count on being announced until usually a few days before, so the dates I've put below are strictly guide dates for you to work with when planning your vacations for 2017.

Don't get mad at me if the dates are wrong!

24 April - Lailat Al-Ma'raj
26 May- Ramadan starts (not a holiday, but good to know - date carried is the evening of, so first full day following day) 
26 June - Eid al Fitr (usually a few days) 
23 July - Renaissance Day 
1 Sept - Eid Al Adha (usually a few days)
21 Sept - Hijiri New Year
18 Nov - HM's birthday / National day
1 Dec - Mouloud - The Prophet's birthday
25 Dec - Christmas (never officially given)


le fin.
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