Street Food @ Mumtaz is back...

Starting tonight, and every night between Tuesday - Saturday Mumtaz Mahal will once again be running a thing they are calling Street Food @ Mumtaz which is held on their lawns outside the restaurant - round the corner from The Left Bank.

Basically the idea is to have an informal environment for an after-work bite to eat and drink. It's all setup on the lawns at the Mumtaz Mahal to take advantage of the cooler weather we're having now (thank goodness the desert winter has started, I can wear a sweater - admittedly sweating in it, but feel good that I'm not wearing short sleeves because it's now "winter"). I went a few times last year and I have to say it's a really good way to wind down the day (or in my case it was the week) with a few bites to eat and a couple of beers, before heading in to The Left Bank for some more refreshment.

There is a special where you can buy a bucket of beer for RO 10, otherwise the adult soda's are sold only in bottles at RO 2.8++ a pop. A copy of the menu is shown below, pricing has not changed from last year.

The promotion runs between Tuesday and Saturday 6-10pm and no reservations are needed. If you would like more information you can always call Mumtaz Mahal on +968 2460 5907 / 2460 5255. Or you can check out their website here, and their facebook here.

le fin.

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