Pub Quiz at the Al Ghazal

For fans of pub quizzes, you may not have heard about the one being conducted every Monday night (from 8pm) at the Al Ghazal pub in t'interCon. The quiz master, a Brit called Tim, runs a very entertaining quiz which usually runs for 8 rounds. It's handy that the quiz starts at 8 because this gives parents time to put the rug rats to bed and get out the door - thats my life these days.

Like most pub quizzes in town, there are of course prizes:

1st prize -  Dinner gift certificate for 2 persons at the Musandam Cafe & Terrace Restaurant.
2nd prize -  Dinner gift certificate for 2 persons at the Al Ghazal Pub.
"Exciting" selected beverage vouchers for each round (I think exciting vouchers are much better than regular vouchers).

So if you and a group of friends feel like demonstrating you can use Google on your phones more clandestinely than anyone else, or you fancy just a fun mid-week night out, then head on down to the Al Ghazal for the quiz tonight from 8pm (and also every Monday night).

le fin.
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