IMAX movies now available at VOX Cinema Qurum

Well I was quite excited to see that during the Eid break, VOX at QCC started presenting movies in IMAX. IMAX, in case you are not a cinema fan, is a movie presentation format that is a much higher resolution than typical projection formats. In other words, it's a much better image quality.

A piece of useless trivia, IMAX is an acronym for Image Maximum. Now you know. Oh, and it's Canadian technology of course ;)

IMAX presentations at the VOX QCC branch are available daily, and cost RO  4.5 for regular seats and RO 6.5 for VIP seats, from tomorrow and for the next week they will be presenting The Magnificent Seven in IMAX (the premiere is tonight), and then presumably there will be an IMAX presentation each week as we move along.... I'm looking forward to seeing the next Star Wars flick in this format!

le fin.
IMAX movies now available at VOX Cinema Qurum IMAX movies now available at VOX Cinema Qurum Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, September 21, 2016 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Well, actually the whole point of IMAX is an enormous, gigantic screen.
The one in Muscat is barely larger than a normal cinema screen.
Imax screens tend to be 30x20 meters or larger. Muscat is according to the cinemas website a measly 18x10.
Typically half arsed Omani fashion

Sythe said...

The IMAX screen at QCC is bigger than any other screen in Muscat, I had to turn my head to see the entire screen - I was near the front but still a few rows back, I felt the screen size (and just as importantly definition) was perfectly sufficient and I cut my teeth watching IMAX at the Paramount (now Scotiabank theatre) in Toronto.

I should clarify that this is the old VOX MAX theatre in QCC, but now they are using all of the screen as opposed to before when they just projected on to (my estimate) about 70% of the screen. To get the best effect, I'd sit about 10 rows back.

I'm happy we have the choice to watch movies in higher definition and size than we had before, I wouldn't say it was half arsed at all. I do wish the chairs would recline though.

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