Muay Thai showcase this Saturday

Fans of Muay Thai boxing, or just general martial arts (is it a martial art)(?) then this might be of interest to you. It's a free demonstration put on by the Royal Thai embassy and the OFC.

The blurb on the facebook event page says:

The Royal Thai Embassy in association with the OFC brings you the first Muay Thai Showcase in Oman on the 27th August 2016.Muay Thai, or Thai Boxing, is one of the cultural heritages of Thailand. This show at the Muscat Grand Mall will showcase the skills, agility and cultural importance of this martial art, witness the story of the origins of this martial art to the present day skills.See you there!

So if you would like to see some people demonstrate the uniquely Thai way of battering the crap out of each other, then head over to the Muscat Grand Mall this Saturday (27th August 2016) - I guess the first demonstration is at 2pm, and then there will be various repeats of this all the way up to 10pm.

Given that it's at the MGM, good luck finding a parking spot, you could perhaps channel some Muay Thai skills and fight other people for a parking space! Having said that, I was surprised to be able to find a parking space there last Thursday at 3:30pm... perhaps a sign of the times what with all these For Rent signs everywhere?!

le fin.
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