Poll results, and a video

Well firstly thank you to everyone that read yesterday's post on the whole Brexit thing, I was surprised that over 24 hours the poll garnered 104 votes - a lot more than I expected (it was actually 112 but I deleted 8 votes). The poll is still open (you can cast your vote by clicking here and you'll see the live updated results after you've cast your vote) but here are the results at the time of writing over my lunch break today:


So it's nearly neck and neck, but the Remain vote just edges it with about 55% of the vote. But when I look at things from a perspective of just British respondents, the story changes quite a lot:

However, I do point out that one particular computer voted "Leave" and "British" 10 times at 10:29am this morning, about 10 seconds apart from each vote, so I imagine at least one person felt the strange desire to distort the results, I deleted 8 of those 10 leave votes on the basis that it could be someone that was voting for themselves and their spouse. As you can see though, it appears that there are more British people calling for a Leave vote (with 50.65% of the vote) than those calling for a Remain vote (49.35%).

My thoughts on the matter don't change, I think for the UK to exit from the EU is a horrendously bad idea from a business perspective, but then again this is why this referendum is so fascinating, it's polarising the nation - In or Out!

For those that have not yet seen it, John Oliver from the Last Week Tonight show aired in the US (he's a Brit) summed up the brexit situation quite well, and in a very amusing manner. I saw it last night - it lasts about 15 minutes and if you are still undecided on which way you're going to vote I strongly urge that you watch it. In fact I still think you should watch it because it's funny.

le fin.
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