Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Each year I make a list of places that are open for lunch (mostly take out) and I've started the list again this year, if you know any places that are open for lunch, please comment! Please note, all places are for TAKE OUT (or delivery) only. Obviously, supermarkets (Al Fair, Lulu's and Carrefour primarily) have food for take away as well, with extensive options available from most of them (hot and cold food).

Here's the list:

1. The Grand Hyatt - Tuscany - 12:30 - 3:30pm (dine in)

2. The InterContinental - Musandam Cafe & Majlis al Shams - All day (dine in)

3. The Chedi - The Restaurant - 12pm - 3pm (dine in)

4. The Al Bustan Palace - Al Khiran Terrace - 12:00 - 3pm (dine in)

5. Mackenzies - MQ - 8am - 2:30pm

6. Copper - Qurum - open for take away from 10AM till 1AM

7. Paul - MGM - 11:30am - Iftar

8. RBG - Park Inn - 12pm - 3pm (dine in)

9. Just Grilled - Shatti - from 11am

10. Burger King - Various - from 1pm

11. KFC - Various - from 3pm

12. Hardees - Various - from 3pm

13. Puranmal - Ruwi - from 10am - 3pm

14. Shang Thai - MGM & The Wave - from 1pm

15. Ghasitaram Halwai - Al Khuwair - 10am - 2pm

16. Al Mukhtar -Al Khuwair - 12pm - 3pm

17. Spice Garden - Al Khuwair From 12pm

18. The Golden Oryx - Ruwi - 12pm - 2:45pm

19. Ubhar - Shatti - 12:30pm - 3pm (TBC)

20. La Cigalo - Qurum - from 12:30pm

21. Sem Som - MGM - 1pm - 4pm (TBC)

22. Hormuz Grand - Seeb Heights (airport) - The Straights restaurant - All day (dine in)

I'll add more if any more are made known to me!

le fin.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info however some of them? lunch at 3 or 4 pm??

Anonymous said...

Lest year, security guards at Muscat City Centre harassed me for carrying take-out food through the centre to my car.

"This is not allowed. Delivery only!"

This is not true. Stand your ground. It's no different than picking up hot food from the stands inside Carrefour.
He was then dumb enough to put his hand on my bag…

I left with my food.

Remember also, the reality….there is NO LAW against eating in public during Ramadan. It is considered discourteous, but it is not illegal.

Anonymous said...

The God-botherers here like to feel holier than the next man/woman and like to impose their interpretation of Islam on everyone else - even us non-believers - while continuing to solicit and accept bribes, turn up for work 4 hours late and all the usual business.

Last time I looked Malaysia was a Muslim country and they seem to manage with believers fasting and working as normal and non-believers just carry on. Maybe the beardies should have a choice - a 7.5% salary cut or carry on as normal

BTW the Crafty Kitchen closed last week...

Anonymous said...

Adobo Restaurant is open for dine in and take away services.

Diane said...

I have been told the Dolphin Village restaurant is open during Ramadan from 8 a.m. to 8.30 p.m. Cheers!

joelle bassit said...

Do you happen to know if MC Donald open as well like the other fast food chains? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Zyara Lebanese Restaurant (take out)
Qurum Resort (Route 66) from 12-3 (dine in)

Anonymous said...

McDonals starting at 4 pm take away by drive thru

Anonymous said...

the kungfu Chinese restaurant inside the Qurm Funzone is open from 12-2:00. BTW It is a real Chinese place...

Anonymous said...

Burger King is not open from 1pm (Al Khuwair). Just been there to try and get take away but it was locked.

rohan bomb said...

Any restaurants which delivers pizza during this time?

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