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I remember when I first moved to a big city and came into contact with people begging for money for the first time. I felt awkward and bad for them, but realised I'd soon be right next to them if I gave everyone money because I didn't have enough to go around. With time, I got desensitized to it - I think that is normal, otherwise I'd of gone mad.

When I moved here, it was the same way with stray animals, mostly cat's - but lots of dogs too. Every dumpster on the road seemed to have at least one cat hanging around it. Again, with time, I got desensitized to it, but between my wife and I, we've probably fed a couple hundred cats, spayed or neutered ten or so cats, and adopted a dog too. Lately we've also been keeping our left-over salad's and feeding them to goats - who absolutely love it - our 3 year old especially enjoys feeding them.

There are a lot of unwanted pets here, and as the summer approaches, we'll see a spike in stray animals around the city as people leave for the summer (or permanently) and for whatever reason, they don't take their pets with them and just dump them somewhere. It happens.

I've written about them before, but there is a group that runs entirely on charitable donations called Omani Paws. They have a facebook group page here, and if you are feeling charitable, you can make a donation via credit card on their Go Fund Me website, or you can make a cash donation at one of MyCupCake's shops (in The Walk at al mouj, or in Qurum). Alternatively, if you already have a pet and happen to be at Al Qurum Veterinary Clinic (any of their branches) or Capital Vets you can mention the Omani Paws account and make a partial payment against their outstanding bills.

Here are a couple of dogs that are currently up for adoption:

And if you are not looking for a dog forever, perhaps you're looking for some company for a month or two, here are some dogs who's owners are looking for temporary homes for (while they're on vacation for example):

This is Heather, she's looking for a house to stay in for the month of June while her owners arrange to transport Heather to their home country.

This is Litchy, she's looking for a house to stay in for 2 months between 25th June and 30th August while her owners take an extended summer vacation.

Or perhaps you're looking for a kitten? Here's a few currently available for adoption:

Mr White (left) and Mr Naughty (right) are looking for a home.

Mr Jingles is 5 months old and fully vaccinated as well as neutered - his owners have to leave Oman and have an uncertain future as to where they'll be and can't take him with them. 

There are plenty more dogs and cat's up for adoption at the Omani Paws facebook group - go join the group and see for yourself if you're interested. If you're interested in any of the animals shown here on this post, feel free to get in touch with me by clicking here and I'll help put you in touch with the right people.

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