Sunday, April 10, 2016

I looked out the window at midday and decided I'd go to a birthday party with my kids instead of deal with the traffic/rain that looked like it was coming. It's a bit of a shame because I would have really liked to have seen an F1 car up close and heard it driving - still something I've not yet managed to do - but I'll get to a F1 race eventually one day.. I hope!

Anyway, Red Bull prepared a little 45 second video of the event that took place on Friday afternoon, If, like me, you didn't go and would like to see a little summary, here it is:

Red Bull reckon 10,000 people turned up for it, so it seems lots of people did go and brave the rain!

More soon.

le fin.


BigManInOman said...

I didn't go down to it but kudos to Red Bull for putting this free event on and glad to see the rain didn't literally dampen spirits!

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