Brew Crew Monday

Well those people at the Dolphin club have done it again, this time it's unlimited beer for RO 8 a head. Their first "Brew Crew" will be held this Monday, 11th April from 7 - 10PM.  All future Brew Crew nights will be held on Sundays to coincide with the football matches.

Their featured beers this week will be, Grolsch Premium Lager, Kingfisher Blue & Ginger Grouse Beer.

I predict a few sore heads on Tuesday morning!

le fin.
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  1. Yay - yet more pissed Brits giving us all a bad a name drinking and driving and acting like complete twats

  2. Drink driving is still a major issue in Muscat.
    One only has to look at what goes into the hotel bars and then take note that those same folks stumble out a few hours later and get back into the car to drive home.
    Everyone is doing it: Omanis and expatriates.
    Are the checkpoints working? I see folks getting waved through constantly. No "head in the window" to check for alcohol breath.
    It would appear that you are only a drink driving statistic if you get tested after you've had an accident.
    So Dolphin House - way to to go with the social responsibility effort. All you can drink for RO8. Will you be monitoring who drives home? I doubt it!

  3. It's not the Dolphin's responsibility to make sure you act responsibly.


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