Thursday, March 24, 2016

Coming up on the 14th of April at the Al Bustan Palace hotel is Alive Entertainment & Hi FM's latest comedy show, NEMR. Nemr is a Lebanese/American stand up comedian and is, obviously, very good at what he does, he's on a world tour right now and he's making a stop here in Muscat too.

This is an 18+ event for one night only, tickets cost between RO 20 / 30 / 40 depending on how close to the stage you want to sit.

You can buy tickets now (between 8am-6pm) at the Mackenzies Cafe & Deli in MQ, or you can have a go at winning 1 of 2 pairs of yellow tickets I have to give away to this event. If you want to win one of the 2 pairs of tickets, just fill in the survey below (or if you don't see it, click here). Like always, I never sell or share your personal information, only the winners email address will be passed to the event organisers - so they can give you your prize!

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