Feeney's reopens in it's new/old location

Old timers here in Muscat may remember that Feeney's used to be in a different location than where it has been in recent years (recently it was found in Shatti just off the beach). It's moved to its old location, the Beach Bay Hotel - it's moved back to where it started, albeit into an expanded space than where it was.

It opened last week sometime, this post was ready for days but there was some last minute delay I understand, anyway, I then got busy with other things and missed the opening!. They have a facebook page here, and their number is 9295 6547 should you wish to call them to ask a question. Perhaps you'd like to ask them what colour socks you should wear tomorrow, for example. John loves answering peoples questions ;)

Conveniently, they're open just in time for St Patricks day... and they're offering a special menu for that all week too, so if you are looking for somewhere "new" to go, then why not check them out?

le fin.
Feeney's reopens in it's new/old location Feeney's reopens in it's new/old location Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 Rating: 5

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