Eat Street in MQ now open

Last night, or today (I'm not sure which!) see's the opening of MQ's newest eatery, Eat Street. Eat Street is located in the Al Noor Plaza in MQ. Its on the same side as MacKenzies Cafe and Crafty Kitchen.

As an aside, the other retail unit that is there will be (I think) a new branch of the butcher from by the Wave, The Butchers Block. No idea when they're opening though.

Right, now back to Eat Street. They're currently in a "soft opening" phase and are open daily from 3pm-11pm, and on Friday & Saturday between noon and 11pm - but that might change, Their ethos is simply:

Stylish Street food on a plate, or banana leaf, or a cornhusk: A place to enjoy eclectic street food with a twist, surrounded by vibrant street art and uber cool music. Eat Street takes you on a journey through the scrumptious, contemporary world of street food where favourites abound.

(I ripped that from their facebook page).

I've seen their menu (although the pricing isn't yet quite finalised I'm told) and I've got to say it does look very interesting! Such items as, "Beiruti Man'oushe" (RO 5), Jamaican Jerk (RO 6) and Portobello Road (RO 5.5) all appearing one after the other in the menu should give you an idea of the variety of foods on offer.

I'm particularly excited to check out the Canadian Poutine (RO 3.250) and Chang Mai Coconut Chicken Burger (RO 5.3) - I can see myself enjoying this place for a while to come!

You see, having worked in MQ for the last 4+ years, and being one of those people who are not particularly good at packing lunches, I tend to eat quite a lot in MQ for lunch. There's not a great deal of new retail opportunities in MQ and so when something new does open, it tends to be a pretty big deal to those of us who work or live here. There's fans of Crafty Kitchen and Mackenzies, and I'm sure Eat Street will get it's own regulars as well. I'm excited to try this place out for lunch... once the soft opening phase is over!

le fin.
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