The Vault at the Hormuz Grand hotel

Now, it appears that I had been living under a rock lately because whilst off on my jollies this summer, the Hormuz Grand hotel got it's blue book and is now a purveyor of adult soda's. It seems lots of people knew this, but when I found out earlier this week I was totally surprised - as I was to find out that at least one restaurant at The Cave is also in the very final stages of getting it's blue-book too - but more on that later (eg once it's actually totally done)!

Right, so last night I took Mrs Sythe out on a date and we went to check out Muscat's newest bar, The Vault, which is at the Hormuz Grand hotel behind the Bank Muscat HQ next to the airport. We got there around 8:30 and the place was fairly empty, maybe 10 or so other guests in the bar. We selected a very comfortable leather couch with a coffee table and sat down to have a drink and catch up (you see, I've been an abandoned dad these last 6 or so weeks).

That's a really comfy couch!

The decor of the place is really nice, I really liked the way the walls were finished in different styles and Mrs Sythe was a fan of the lights... Anyway - not that this really matters. The place was quiet and comfortable. We were served some complimentary bar-snacks and a rather extensive cocktail menu.

The service was prompt and the drinks were nice - Mrs Sythe reports that the Cocktails were strong - and they'd have to be because they cost RO 4.5 a go, and a pint wasn't much better at RO 3.4 - both are before 17% taxes as well.

Tonight, and tomorrow night, they have their Grand DJ nights - I've no idea if it'll be any good, but it is Muscat's newest bar after all - you might want to go and check it out, especially if you live at The Wave al mouj (wtf?) / Maweleh end of town.

Do you see what they did there? ;)

Now, also starting tonight is the rather attractive looking unlimited kebab and beer (or wine, or soft drinks) offering from Qureshi Bab-Al-Hind. It's actually more than just kebab and beer, there's some other bits of food included in the deal, but I don't think it matters - that's a pretty good deal and I'd say this is my top suggestion for somewhere to go tonight in town.

Have a good weekend.

le fin.
The Vault at the Hormuz Grand hotel The Vault at the Hormuz Grand hotel Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, September 10, 2015 Rating: 5

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