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If you read local blogs, you may well have seen that a bunch of us were invited to a fun event at the mOre cafe at The Walk a few weekends ago to check out their catering offerings. I'm not really one for critiquing food, and you can read Heather's, FatSu's, Life outside the M25 and The Style Cradle's posts about the catering options from mOre by clicking the links above.

Personally, I really enjoyed the deserts (hah!), the mini quiche's and also the chicken tandori sandwich with cream cheese. I wasn't a big fan of the burgers or the balls of meat on a stick, but each to their own right? The juice's were nice and fresh but the one thing that I really did take away from the event at mOre was the coffee. If you've read the other blog's about the event, you'll know we all had to have a go at creating shapes with milk in coffee (I was absolutely terrible at it) along with a few other activities. However, there was, as a result, a number of coffee's made that were just laying around after... I had 2 of them.

Mines the one at 9 O'Clock... aka the worst one
Obviously people go to Costa and the rest of them for a coffee, and they specialise in it and they're tasty, but I was really surprised at how good the coffee was at mOre... next time you want to go for a coffee and you find yourself at The Walk, you could at least try the coffee at mOre... I thought it was very good.

But back to the task at hand: Catering options from mOre. Perhaps you're having a bbq and you want some deserts, or you're having a cocktail party and you want some nibbles. You get the idea, if you're having an event and need some food for it, you can get that sorted out by the nice people at mOre cafe.

You can place your order online by clicking this link, and there's a picture of each item so you know what you're looking at. I've been given 2 RO 10 vouchers to be applied to a catering order placed with them, and all you have to do is answer the question below (I'd choose B):

Create your own user feedback survey

You can checkout mOre Cafe on facebook, Instagram and their website. I'll announce the winners in a week or so.

le fin.

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