How long have you been in Oman? The answers...

Well, it seems that a lot of you expats have lived in Oman for a really long time. It seems that people tend to stay here for at least 3 years... and would you look at the number that have lived here for more than 20 years? 20% of you!

Well that's the new thing I learned today!

le fin.
How long have you been in Oman? The answers... How long have you been in Oman? The answers... Reviewed by Sythe on Tuesday, June 23, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. To live it's a wonderful place, the pace of living a bit slow but plenty of things to see/explore. Only downside is the working climate/conditions that the past 1,5 - 2 years have become less appealing.

  2. I have lived in Oman for a number of years but recently left to pastures new because the working conditions have degraded - expats are slowly but surely driven out and Oman has lost that innocence it had 10 years ago and is increasingly becoming a 'westernized' society which I find does not appeal to me as the old Oman did. It's all right being who you are Oman, we like and respect you for that but please stop pretending you are something else nowadays, I personally don't like you in western clothes and driving western cars and embracing the western values which are 'make money at all cost'...

  3. I forgot to vote on your poll though I fall in the >20 years bracket.
    So I totally relate to westernized society comment posted by an Anonymous commenter above.
    I think this "westernization" is at a more micro/socio level (playschools,education, parties, lifestyle businesses) than the country as a whole that still retains its traditional charm and values.

  4. bladenomics: I agree... there's places and people who have faux-westernized themselves, and aspects of Muscat, but... the rest of the country and villages... not really... At least not anywhere that I have Omani friends... even the "western" ones still retain a lot of their culture.

  5. Unfortunately when you use things like Refriferators, Electricity, AC, Computers, Internet, smart phones, fast food, Hollywood movies, theme parks, pop music, grocery stores, gas stations, etc. you are becoming "westernized". It's tough not to become westernized when many new technologies that people want and need come from the west. The smart phone and internet is the biggest example I think that changed many people.


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