PAEW announce chilled domestic water program

In an announcement that went like wild-fire around social networks last night, a surprise announcement from the Public Authority for Electricity and Water (PAEW) was made.

Mohammed al-Tubi from the PAEW issued the following statement:

"The Public Authority for Electricity and Water are pleased to announce its new chilled water initiative as part of the ongoing plan to improve the living standards for all who live here in Oman. By the end of the year the first solar panel power plant will be online, and the power generated will be used to cool our domestic water supply. It has been identified that hot water comes from the cold water taps in many peoples homes and we aim to resolve this as it's a basic Human right to have cold water".

As you can imagine - WhatsApp and Twitter went crazy, #OmanColdWater was trending in the region almost immediately on Twitter. We've all had it.. boiling hot water coming out of the cold water taps in the summer... hopefully this will be a thing of the past now!

More soon!

le fin.
PAEW announce chilled domestic water program PAEW announce chilled domestic water program Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, April 01, 2015 Rating: 5


  1. woohoo! great news and hope it materializes. looking forward to a non bottom burning 2016!

  2. As Jdw said - what date did this news come out?


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