Omid Djalili & Whose line is it anyway?!

Comedy lovers may be happy to hear that 2 more comedy events are coming  up at the Al Bustan Palace's Oman auditorium in the coming weeks, organised by Alive Events.

First up on the 8th of May is Omid Djalili. He's just finished a very popular tour with lots of sold out dates and is pretty damn funny. Tickets are RO 45/35/25 depending on where you sit.... and yes it's an 18+ event.

Then a few days later on the 12th of May there is the popular Whose line is it anyway? show also being held this time at the Al Bustan's Oman auditorium. Tickets to this one are RO 15 a pop and I've been to one of these shows before, it was very funny!

Tickets to both of these events can be bought from these outlets: Mackenzies Deli, Gorgeous Hair Salon and the HiFM studios in MGM.

More soon!

le fin.
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