Lunar Eclipse tonight

Not that I can honestly say I've ever even realised that I knew you could even have a lunar eclipse, from 9:24pm tonight and lasting until 1:03am tomorrow morning there is a total lunar eclipse happening. According to the Oman Tribune article, the best time to look at the exclipse will be just after midnight at 12:13am.

I'll be in the land of nod.

le fin.
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  1. Thanks for posting this! Lunar eclipses are far more common than solar eclipses, there are quite a few happening worldwide every year. However, they often go unnoticed due to cloudy weather or new moon (or happening at an ungodly hour) but sure are as spectacular as a solar one if the moon is full, so this one tonight should be a good one!

  2. Someone should inform NASA.

  3. From what i have read and my science teachers have taught lunar eclipses happen on full moon day. Today is not full moon and two days later is new moon. Please verify

  4. Bobbins. at least verify stuff before u post it. Google sky maps shows the moon below the horizon. do if there is a lunar eclipse its not visible from Oman.

  5. You're all absolutely right!!! There wasn't a lunar eclipse last night!!! I saw the news paper article posted by 2 different people on the popular facebook page WHMO and because the Oman Observer website is so totally crap to search, I wrongly assumed that the news was legitimate!

    I was wrong!



  6. You should have at least done some research or search before putting false news on the web. Every search for the eclipse leads to this bogus news you have copied and pasted; in sorts, to mislead people. If you would have acted responsibly and searched google at least you would have found that the last total lunar eclipse happened in Oman on December 10, 2011 and before that the longest total lunar eclipse was witnessed in Oman on June 15, 2011 which is the date the article you have pasted was published on in Oman Tribune. But I guess you are either too lazy to do some real effort or you just like people to visit this sorry of a blog of yours... smh BTW, disseminating false info digitally to the public and referencing/citing it to a legitimate establishment or person is illegal in Oman and as a good samaritan/do-gooder I have taken screen shots of your blog article and will relay them to the concerned and will inform the authorities of the false info here if you don't remove it from your blog please. Thanks


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