Entertainer Oman 2015

A few weeks ago there was a press launch for the 2015 edition of The Entertainer coupon book. I didn't attend but I did manage to get a list of all of the businesses that have signed up for inclusion in this year's book, which I've shared below as a series of pictures.

In addition to this, I was very generously given an activation code for their App - Entertainer. The app is available practically everywhere: Apple, Google, Windows, Samsung Apps, and even Blackberry World. There are also 7 pages of hotel deals for around the world, with loads in UAE, but I'm not going to put them up here, plenty images as it is.

I had my suspicions that this app wouldn't work too well here in Oman but I'm glad to say I was wrong - I've used the app a few times and it's worked well every time. The other really handy thing I like about the app is that I'm more likely to forget the voucher book at home than I am to forget my phone - which means I've got the vouchers with me all the time, in app format on my phone! Great for un-planned visits to restaurants that are included in the app. The final benefit of the app is that you get access to monthly special offers, and they did change between January and February, so I assume they'll change throughout the year.

The app is pretty simple to use - you download it from your app store, install it and buy the Oman package. When you set your account up you need to set a 4 digit pin which you will use when you activate a coupon. Let's say you're at Chili's and you have 2 main courses with a friend and want to redeem one of the buy one get one free coupons. You simply select the right restaurant from the list, it'll show you what coupons you have remaining and then tap it and follow the on screen instructions to redeem, you'll eventually be asked for your pin number, and then you pass the phone to the restaurant staff, who have their own pin, and then they type theres in and confirm the validation of your coupon, then knock it off your bill.

Handy, and neat too. And a lot cheaper than the book (which costs RO 29). The mobile app is RO 20 until February 14th - and if you were going to buy the book then I highly recommend you get the app instead!

le fin.
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