MRFC 80's Party

First of all, I'd like to bring to everyone's attention the fact that the boys from MRFC have won their last 2 games in the last 2 weeks. 2 weeks ago saw MRFC defeat Doha 2nds 17-14, and last week saw a nearly historic victory of 55-24 against the Xodus Wasps from Dubai (1st's).

You see, Doha, Bahrain, Abu Dhabi & Dubai have a lot more rugby-playing expats living (and thus playing) in their cities, and so fielding a team against these clubs has always been challenging, but not only has MRFC done this, they're actually winning - !!!

Last year, the MRFC threw an epic Halloween party at the Copacabana. I have to say it was the best attended rugby club event I've ever been to, anywhere, in any rugby club, ever.... Perhaps I have a sheltered rugby club life, I don't know. But it was a great party - SO many people were there in costumes, in fact I think you could have counted on one hand the number of people who went to the party that were not in costume. It was a great event, and things got a beat heated at the door as the night went on and word went out - it was a private ticket-only party and no tickets could be sold on the door (ROP rules apparently). The crowd that attended the last party was great, I've not seen such a balanced (in terms of ratio of men/women) crowd in a nightclub in Oman ever before - it really was a great night.

And now the MRFC lot are doing it again, this time it's an 80's party, so bust out those sweat-bands, Casio watches and aviator glasses and get to the party! It's on Friday 30th January from 8pm at the Copacabana bar in the Grand Hyatt, Muscat. Tickets are RO 5 for members, or RO 10 for non-members. There will be prizes for the best dressed as well. You can buy tickets tonight at the Costa Coffee in MQ from 5:30 - 7pm, or you can always email the club at REMEMBER - YOU NEED A TICKET TO GET IN, AND NO TICKETS WILL BE SOLD ON THE DOOR. It's only a tenner if you're a non-member - go join the party on the 30th and get your tickets now!

le fin.
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