Got my water tank cleaned... and OMG!

A couple of weeks ago, Muscat's busiest lady blogger, Heather, posted on Muscat Where Can I Find that she was getting her water tank cleaned. Lot's of people commented, with one particular man doing a pretty good impression of an ostrich with his head in the sand, who refused to accept that people's water tanks could get dirty with sediment from the water. But enough of that.

I've lived here in Oman for over 7 years, first in an apartment, then in two different twin villa's, with our own water tanks. I've never thought to clean them before, but when I saw Heather's post, I knew I should call the guy to come and clean my water tank - I've been in my current place for just about 2 years and I know I've not cleaned it in that time.

I called up Sam from Green House and his English was great, we agreed a time, and a price, to come to my house to clean my water tank. He turned up on time and on the right day (!) with a team of guys to clean out my water tank. They had all their own gear with them, and were polite and courteous to my wife and I.

Sam takes his team up to the roof and after a few minutes comes to find me and asked where my water tank lid was. I didn't even know the lid was not on the tank - not a great start. We found the lid on the lower roof and all was well again. Until he sent me the pictures of the inside of the water tank.

Gross. I'm just grateful that I use bottled water for the kettle. So Gross. They found a lot of algae and bacteria... and a dead bird in the water tank.

After they cleaned the tank out, it looks like this now:

Much better! I also got my house sprayed for ants at the same time, and I paid RO 100 for both services together, Sam tells me his normal charge for a water tank my size is RO 60 - and well worth it if you ask me. I'll get him back again in 6 months and see what the water tank looks like then!

If you'd like to get your water tank cleaned, or mattresses deep cleaned, or spray for bugs, or your sofa cleaned or a whole bunch of different services, give Sam a ring on 9249 2399! They have a facebook group here.

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  1. :D When we first move to our new flat 3 years ago, our water tank lid is also quietly resting on the rooftop wall... So i had to put it back. And I know and can visibly see the dirt around the tank specially the sands that accumulated during sandstorm.

    But until now, I didn't ask someone to clean it.

  2. Where do you people with dirty tanks live??!

    I've lived in all sorts of buildings and places over my lifetime in this country and I have never seen a tank so dirty!!! Even when the folks posted on MWCIF I was shocked to see the pics.

    Our tanks have always had a little mud pooled in the corners but never close to anything this bad. Very strange!

  3. 60ro? Was he driving a merc?

  4. Terence maybe you are just lucky or you aren't looking hard enough..

    Anon, 60 rials is a good price. this company is very professional, bring all their own equipment and do the job swiftly.

    Another point for people who aren't keen because of the price. Many landlords should be paying this as maintenance of the house or if on an Expat package the company might pay it as it is to do with your living arrangements and keeping you healthy.


  5. You can get new tank for the same price :D

  6. So important to get your water tank checked and cleaned. We lived in our first Omani house for around 2 years and never gave the water tank any thought - however during that time we were ill - a LOT! Blamed it on new country/climate/weird viruses or whatever but eventually a friend asked us about our water tank and, sure enough, it was full of algae and bird droppings (there was an open pipe allowing in light and debris). After getting it cleaned we stopped getting sick! Algae is very bad for your health and unfortunately we had been using the water in our kettle and for cooking etc. People here don't seem to be aware - the houses around us all have missing lids on their water tanks - it's terrible!!

    they are doing for 30 rial and they are pro in that


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