Radio survey time

Well its been a good 10 months since the last radio survey I asked you to fill in for me, and I want to see how people have changed their listening trends over 2014. I'm asking you all to fill in the exact same survey, just with a few updated responses (eg new BBC radio stations launched since the last time we did this).

Merge have been rumbling along, Hi FM saw the departure of Mark, and the edition of what? 2? 3? new DJ's radio presenters. 90.4 has been improving, largely thanks to Marcus behind the scenes and Adam with his morning show, and then BBC World Service launched in both English and Arabic here earlier this year too.

As before, the survey is structured in a way that does not ask for your name, or anything that anyone could identify you personally with, and I do not sell the data I collect - I just make graphs and think up new and boring ways to entertain myself with your radio survey responses.

The survey is multiple choice and really only takes a minute or two to do, and you'll give me something to write about if you fill in the survey!

le fin.

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Radio survey time Radio survey time Reviewed by Sythe on Monday, November 03, 2014 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...

Still need a 'They're all the same monotonous shit so I listen to my iPod in may car and Dubai/UK radio at home on the internet' option.

Sythe said...

There is an MP3 option.... and I don't really think BBC World Service is the same as Hi FM. Nor is Oman 90.4 the same as Hi or Merge, in my opinion..... but each to their own!

Anonymous said...

I switched off Hi fm because of the constant barrage of ed shearan plugs. the variety of songs on 104.8 is better but too many adverts.

Anonymous said...

I see that Merge has launched a survey as well. Shaking the tree Mr Sythe!

Jdw said...

90.4 is my choice since Adam is on. Great selection of songs from back in the day when music was made by people who mastered their instruments. Not the usual Miley Cyrus/Pink diarrhea that Merge and Hi pour through the speakers.

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