WIN an experience at Red Bull's Car Park Drift this weekend!

Unless you've been living in a cave in Muscat lately, you should all know by now that the Red Bull Car Park Drift event is happening this coming weekend on the 17th of October at the Oman Auto-mobile Association. It'll be the 5th year in a row that they've run this event here. The winners of the Oman event will go on to the grand finale which will be hosted in Dubai.

Red Bull are sending their Rally champion and driver Abdo Feghali to Oman to create the track that the Omani entrants will be drifting around in their motors. But not only is he designing the track, he's taking a few people as passengers around the track, in his modded up motor too!

And of course, those lovely people at Red Bull have given me the opportunity to give to one of you a ride in Abdo's sideways moving motor car. All you have to do is answer here (or to double your chances, answer on my FB page too) and thats it. I'll announce the winner on Thursday!

The question is simple: After Oman, where will the next regional qualifier be held?

Go check their website out for the answer (Hint, it's Canadian Thanksgiving today, where a type of food is traditionally eaten)

Take a look at this video, the guys facial expressions are hilarious - this could be you this weekend!

Because I'm worried about people getting Spam, I came up with the idea of collecting your contact information through a SurveyMonkey program (which only I have access to), so enter in the form below:

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le fin!
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