Adam on 90.4

Well Adam's been on-air for over a month now I guess. He's replaced the long-serving morning show host at 90.4, Faiq. Faiq's now working in the 10am-2pm slot and seems to be operating business as usual.

But this post is about Adam. Those that know him, know he's been in town a long time and recently left a teaching job at the ABA school to work on the radio here. I had no idea he was going to be working at 90.4 in the morning show until one day I turned on the radio on my way to work and didn't hear Faiq, but Adam.

As much as I enjoy the personalities of the presenters on Hi and Merge, their music playlist is too, erm, shite for me to really enjoy. I'm not saying that Hi and Merge are shite, just a lot of the music that they play is shite (to my tastes). Having said that, 90.4 aren't the silver bullet for me either, but I certainly enjoy the diversity in the playlist that Adam has brought to the morning drive airwaves recently, and long may he continue!

If you aren't a big fan of the music Hi and Merge put out, then maybe give Adam a try on 90.4 on your way to work tomorrow morning - I'm enjoying it and maybe you will too.

He's on air from 6am till 10am, and he has a facebook page here for interaction with his show. Inconceivably here we are in September 2014, the rest of the people at 90.4 STILL don't have a facebook page or up to date website to support their channel. But at least Adam made his own, clever man.

More soon.

le fin.
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  1. That's great news! I have lately been tuning in to 90.4 for the same reasons you stated. This "Hits" only crap is getting old. And with music headed in the (absurd) direction that it is... I can only see it getting worse. But I guess it pleases a younger demographic (you old fart!).

    As for social media et al. It's not that simple for 90.4. Government red tape for them to have anything to do with social media. I don't see that happening any time soon, and I'm pretty sure Adam has been told in no uncertain terms that there can't be a mix of his work and his play.

  2. Yep Adam's a breath of fresh air in the morning - splendid stuff for the rest of us!

  3. I came back to Muscat a couple of weeks ago for a few days and heard Adam's show - he has a fresh approach and has an encyclopedic musical knowledge, so plays some wonderful tunes. Both he and Faiq on the later morning show have been in Muscat for a long time so know how to keep discussions topical and relevant. Looks like a step-change in the right direction for 90.4.

  4. Please! Merge and hi fm music selection sucks nuts! The only good thing is hi fm has transitions with John Digweed, i dono about Carl cox and Adam beyer any more. 90.4 playa much better music. Selecta show by the British Council i think Monday nights. Reggae Saturday nights at 8 or 9pm


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