Air Conditioner servicing in Muscat

I'm a firm believer in supporting those who do good work, and seeing as it's summer, I wanted to post again about our AC servicing technician, Alex Joseph. We've been using his services for quite a few years now, and he continues to be a breath of fresh air in a city filled with not-so-good AC technicians.

Alex works anywhere between Ruwi and Mawelah and is prompt and courteous. We had a few issues with some of our AC's, so I contacted him via WhatsApps yesterday afternoon and arranged for him to arrive at 9am this morning - and as usual, right at 9am the doorbell rang - no phone call (or missed call) asking us to tell him where we lived - he uses Google maps (if you send him your location in Whatsapps) to get to your place. We've not seen Alex since last summer, yet he still remembered the name of our toddler, and was not afraid of our cats. Those that know us, know that Gus is quite a large cat, and people are often afraid of him (he's a big teddy bear).

His English is great, he's prompt, and he diagnosed the problems with our 2 AC's and had them fixed and was on his way within 45 minutes. His prices are reasonable, and he'll be honest with you about your equipment, and about whether he can honour an appointment time with you.

Lots of people here, us included, have AC's provided by land lords, who have their own AC service technicians who will carry out servicing at no cost to the tenant, but in some cases, you just need something fixed quickly (in this case it was an AC in our living room, and the AC in our daughters bedroom) - and for that, Alex is highly recommended. Give him a ring on 9223 2713 should you have an AC emergency!

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  1. Is that a new phone number for Alex?
    I had another one in my phone?

  2. I've used him too and you're right - he's probably one of the best around. Highly recommended!

  3. I have used his services too. I completely agree with your comments.

  4. Thank you for the information. I spoke to Alex to get my AC serviced. Unfortunately, he said he doesn’t service Window Type ACs…. Only the split type…..

    Does anyone know a guy who is good in servicing Windows Type ACs in Al Khuwair area…. ?

  5. I called Alex after reading this. He came to my house this morning, arrived on time, was honest about the situation and miles better than other guys I've used in the past.

    It took about 2 hours to service 4 very grimy ACs with minimal mess and fuss. The amount of dust and mould that came out of our bedroom unit was truly horrible!

    Would 100% recommend to anyone needing AC servicing before the summer.

  6. Hi,
    Recently I called to Alex for repair of my AC split unit which was messed by other technician. I explained him the situation and he was honest to the repairing condition.

    He even came in his busy hours with his other two guys. He started explaining me everything and even told me the total cost of repair at the same time. He fitted the stand-by unit for me for which I was lucky.

    He is truly the best technician I have ever met. Highly recommended!!!

  7. Hi do not use Alex you will end up spending more to bring professionals in. He fixed my AC with silicon glue and didn't put the the electrics cover back on on the compressor. Humidity was not factored in so now I have to get this things rewired after short circuiting. Attitude is bad and was rude. he will talk you into stuff but if you see the work, It's quick fix make shift costing more later.

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  9. Hi Mr what u charged general ac service

  10. Alex has been servicing our A/C annually for many many years now. Their services are extremely reliable and very professional. When switches need replaced they will come and replace them too. I recommend them highly. Thank you Alex and team for being such amazing professionals.

  11. Hello, brother Alex joseph


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