VOX Cinema MCC - opening week review

So Muscat's newest cinema opened up earlier this week at MCC and I went and caught a movie with a friend and here is my brief review:

I booked tickets to the show I wanted (Million ways to die in the West - VERY funny by the way) online, and received an email with the ticket reference shortly after - everything worked fine. At the cinema I went to one of the ticket collection machines and learned that they were not working (there was no sign saying this, I just entered the code and was told to go to the concierge).

At the concierge, we ordered 2 large drinks and 1 popcorn, and the price came to a rather steep RO 4.3, and we got our tickets printed there too. The ticket checker didn't know where our cinema was (#3) but we figured it out - mind you I have to question how intelligent someone is that WORKS in a cinema and doesn't know where their cinema halls are - especially when there are only 2 corridors to direct people down. But no big drama.

We had booked the front row of VIP seating (purely out of interest what the additional 500bz got us for a VIP ticket) and found that the front row of the VIP seating was pretty much inline with the top of the screen - not particularly great angle - and I probably wont book VIP again as a result. The cup holder / arms of the chairs in VIP (which was leather, or pleather) moved up and down, the regular seats was a blue fabric and I didn't check if the arms moved up and down there or not.

The film started, with the auditorium lights still on, and after a few minutes someone came in to turn the lights off - but then they tried to leave after having opened the projector room door which was making a lot of noise - projectors are noisy things it seems. I had to ask the guy to shut the door again - and he did. When the film ended, and no one turned the lights on, so we all walked out in darkness!

All in all, it was a pretty good cinema, with just a few staffing troubles. The screen and sound quality were really very good, and I'm looking forward to seeing a film in the Vox Max cinema sometime soon.

le fin.
VOX Cinema MCC - opening week review VOX Cinema MCC - opening week review Reviewed by Sythe on Thursday, June 05, 2014 Rating: 5


  1. Been and seen a 3d movie on the first day (Sunday) at Vox Max ... very impressed ... good sound quality ... staff was very friendly ... didn't face any problems such as you? May you were a one off?

  2. Do we have to buy 3d glasses as well for a 3d show ?

  3. Some streaming channels offer a limited time access to new releases a reasonable time after theatrical release, ending a reasonable time before DVD release.

  4. Watched the edge of tomorrow finally a movie going experience in VOX MAXX with fantastic dolby atmos sound and great seating.
    But the concessions are a rip off..
    Actually to think about it its very much like in the USA.
    Lets hope they bring the loyalty card concept like in dubai here and have matinee pricing for weekday movies before 7 pm.

  5. I watched 3D Edge of Tomorrow today and it was great, though the sound volume of the previews was way too loud. Very comfortable seats - no need for the VIP section, and it's easy to book tickets online for the seats you want and get them from a machine in the lobby. However, there is still the very annoying problem of rude, inconsiderate people using their phones during the movie. And they even get offended if you ask them to turn them off! The theater wasn't very full this afternoon, so it wasn't as annoying as usual, but that behaviour really puts me off going to cinemas here, no matter how plush they are. I wish signal blockers could be installed.

  6. What IS the website for the cinema?
    My device always directs me to the uae site.
    Also, it seems the movies are not listed in any newspapers - at least not in the on-line versions until yesterday. Oh-man, indeed.

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