Parking at MGM

So we've all been to the MGM right? The parking there, I think we all agree, could be better. But it is what it is, and there is a chronic shortage of parking, especially on the weekends. Level 5 of the parking is currently closed (well it was yesterday) apparently for some maintenance works - can't be helped I guess.

However, because the mall is so popular (well, the cinema mostly) people want to visit and obviously end up parking just about anywhere. And unfortunately this random parking, at times, can put us all at risk. People don't seem to get the whole "don't park in front of fire fighting services" rule.

There's not much point in lamenting about how woefully inadequate the available parking spaces are because the thing's built now and we have to deal with it. Interestingly, LuLu's across the road appear to have thought about parking a bit more and it seems like there's more parking that's going to be available there - we'll see I guess.

But the MGM management, and the ROP for that matter, really shouldn't ignore the fact that people are parking right in front of fire hose's and hydrants and even fire doors, blocking clear access to them. Should an emergency require access to these services, well you get my point. You could say I was niggling about a minor issue but then again, look what happened in a mall in Doha the other year. A disaster that claimed 19 lives, 13 of which were toddlers.

It'd be for all of our safety if these vehicles were at the very least given fines just to educate them how not to park. A motorbike ROP officer could tour the MGM parking twice a day on the weekends and make a killing in fines!

My idea to help reduce the parking issues at the mall is to have a valet service at the main entrance (I know there is a small one in the basement). Drive up to the main entrance, get out and get a ticket, go shopping. Return and give the ticket and the vehicle is returned. And then park the cars off site somewhere. Not great, but just an idea.

Ho hum.

le fin.
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  1. I was also in MGM yesterday and was lamenting the state of parking, but for me it was because there are so many selfish people who see it as their right to park right in front of the entrances regardless of the fact that a) They are blocking traffic and b) It is clearly marked as a no parking zone.
    Do they not realise that they are going to a mall where, by the nature of the thing, they will be walking around. Does an extra 50m from their car to the door really make too much difference?
    Are they so rude and disrespectful to their fellow countrymen that they think it is OK to purposely block the road and cause problems to everyone else?
    Parking is an issue here and it seems that the Municipality is trying to do something about it but, as usual, the horse has long since bolted.

  2. MGM parking space is where driving tests should be conducted. always #fail for me.

  3. Random mall,random parking.
    Seriously,I was thinking the same,the level of awareness and security in MGM is very poor.Let not happen Doha accident in Muscat!

  4. The attitude of drivers in MGM is no different to that you find all over Oman, both in their parking and driving, generally incompetent, impolite, aggressive, undisciplined, idiotic, third world and totally devoid of any thought for others.


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