Have you seen Fat Bob? Want to buy a Nikon camera?

A community minded blog post this afternoon.

Someone I don't know, has lost a cat that I don't know. But the cat is orange, and I like those. Perhaps you've seen Fat Bob in Al Hail recently? It's obvious his owners miss him a lot - they're offering a RO 100 reward for his safe return. If you have found or seen Fat Bob, call 9920 7180 and make their day. Perhaps a kind soul reading this might be able to make the above poster in Arabic as well?

Moving on, a friend of mine has decided to sell their Nikon D5000 - they're selling the camera, lens and a bag that it goes in. They're looking for RO 180 for the lot, if you're interested get in touch with Olga by emailing her, or leave a comment here or on facebook.

And finally, theres been a number of people getting excited about Cyclone Nanauk supposedly coming to Oman early in June because of this website. It's all a load of nonsense, no cyclone is forming and it's not expected to form. The Oman Weather Updates facebook group are still not sure but are expecting there to be some rain in the South of Oman - but certainly not a cyclone.

le fin.
Have you seen Fat Bob? Want to buy a Nikon camera? Have you seen Fat Bob? Want to buy a Nikon camera? Reviewed by Sythe on Wednesday, May 28, 2014 Rating: 5


Pussy Lover said...

I fear poor people catching an orange cat and gouging its eye out to claim a reward...

animal protection in Oman said...

Sadly Fat Boy has been found dead.

Dalz R said...

Was about to post the Arabic translation

RIP Fat Boy- may you rest in kitty heaven

ahwaaki ana said...

Hi there,
Is Fat Bob found?
Or I can post the POSTER in Arabic. I Just read it now.

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