Winners of Aly & Fila, and also winners of the Grand Hyatt compeition

Hi everyone, hope you all had a nice weekend. It's a double prize day today as both the Aly & Fila competition announced a few weeks ago has the winner announced and the recent Grand Hyatt social media competition that many local bloggers were a part of is announced too.

First - Trance music DJ's Aly & Fila (you may have heard their Future Sounds trance show on Hi FM in years past on the weekend) are playing a gig here next month on Thursday 24th April at the InterCon gardens. Amusingly the event is being advertised by Merge on the radio today ;)

The party starts at 7pm and there is a facebook event page with more information if you're keen. Tickets come in 2 flavours, regular at RO 15 and VIP at RO 25 - and they are available for purchase from Tuesday 25th March (next week) at Dunkin Donuts - MQ, MGM, QCC, MCC, Shatti Cinema or the hosts, Roar Entertainment Office - 2nd Floor, Suite 214, Hatat House 'A' Wing.

However - Congratulations to "Rocky" - you won the tickets - check your email for information on how to claim them.

Next up, the Grand Hyatt Muscat's Truly Thai social media competition. This was certainly a new twist on social media engagement for me as the nice people at the Hyatt offered 3 overnight stays with breakfast to 3 separate winners who correctly answered a question on one of the partner blogs (FatSu, Oman Collective Intelligence, Aish Elaqtta, Andy in Oman and The Duncan Adventures)

The winners, as tweeted earlier by @GrandHyattMct are:

Congratulations to you if you won, commiserations if you didn't - there's always next time!

le fin.
Winners of Aly & Fila, and also winners of the Grand Hyatt compeition Winners of Aly & Fila, and also winners of the Grand Hyatt compeition Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, April 13, 2014 Rating: 5


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