Sunday, April 20, 2014

To those of you that observe it, Happy Easter today. It's a regular working day here but I'm sure there will be a few Turkey's or Hams enjoyed later today! Easter egg hunts aplenty too. There are a number of Easter lunch offers being held around town - basically every 4 and 5 * hotel is offering one.

For Canadians, the news today will be pretty good, Canada has appointed a new Honorary Consul for Oman - Mr Ali Daud.

Mr Daud is indeed a prominent business leader in the country - he owns the local franchise of McDonald's, and for just a small smile, the story was written by Canadian journalist Sarah Macdonald. Maybe it's just my weird sense of humour :p

No word yet on when Consul services will start up again here, but soon I'm sure.

Happy Easter!

le fin.


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