Just a quickie - The Chedi is hiring

The Chedi hotel is preparing for an open day on Wednesday 2nd April to try and attract some new Omani talent to it's team. The open day starts at 9am and runs all the way to 5pm with vacancies available in lots of different parts of the hotel.

So if you know someone looking for a job (Front office, maintenance, finance, food and beverage or HR) - maybe get them to head over to Ghubra on Wednesday.

le fin.
Just a quickie - The Chedi is hiring Just a quickie - The Chedi is hiring Reviewed by Sythe on Sunday, March 30, 2014 Rating: 5


Absar Aga said...

is it just for omanis?

Anonymous said...

Yup- jobs for knobs. Hotels have to hit almost 100% Omanisation rates so they'll take anyone on.

Absar Aga said...

oh! thats bad.. no chance for expats.. :(

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