Omantel Adsl issues

Just a quick post from the phone, it appears that Omantel have been experiencing a global issue with its ADSL network. I don't know where it's not working but can confirm it's not working in either Ghubra or MQ so far. The outage started around 4am this morning.

No update from Omantel yet on a time frame to get things back to normal.

Do you have Omantel Adsl? Is it working for you? Or not!? Where abouts are you, I wonder if this is affecting all of their subscribers or just people in certain areas.

le fin.

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  2. It's working perfectly for me in Darsait! :)

  3. It wasn't working for me this morning too...but got it back around 8 am..

  4. Net now working in MSQ near British Council :-)

  5. Sometimes it feels like Omantel are having a global issue all year round... having said that, Internet working fine in Mutrah area.

  6. Working fine in Qurum! But a bit slow today! Well this is Oman so can't expect everything to be fine.

    Maybe its because of the weather. The flights at the airport are also delayed, Oman seems to have problems dealing in crisis management.

    God only knows what will happen if Oman was struck by an earthquake or something, the government and the people will be running around like headless chickens.

  7. Mine worked well till this morning...I live in Sur, and went to their office. They reset the modem/router and now is working fine.

  8. Working in Salalah!

  9. experienced this problem for the past 2 days. this is the third day. Shatti Al Qurum.

    Annoyingly Omantel treated this as a single house issue, more than 7 calls and each one of them gave the same response and action, none of which worked.


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