Monday, February 03, 2014

It occurred to me that I've never really done a list of local blogs (other than the blog roll) and websites that I follow to get news of things going on around town. And then someone asked on my FB group that very question, and so... here we go.

BLOGS (Obviously!!!)

There are a bunch more blogs, but I feel these are the best for local events news around town.


See Muscat's Events section
Expat Woman's Oman events section


Muscat Mutterings !!
What's On Muscat

And that's it really, there's the individual websites / fb groups for various venues (or event organizers - eg Alive Events), which I get a lot of information from, and of course people are occasionally thoughtful enough to email me their events too.... If anyone else has any good event listings websites/groups/blogs then please comment below and I'll add them in.

le fin.


Oman Collective Intelligence said...

Mr Sythe...

i can add the following two:

Check Merge 104.8 Guide -

What's on in Muscat on Facebook -

Anonymous said...

Muscat Where Can I Find group on Facebook is quite helpful.

Not related to this post at all. But what's the story on this?

Anonymous said...

What happened to Omanforum? The website appears to have disappeared....

Dalz R said...

Thanks for the mention

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